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Split of the Antillean Mango into Puerto Rican Mango

We got a new endemic! That’s right, and as the title of this post suggest is the Antillean Mango. This hummingbird only found in Puerto Rico and Hispaniola (with a handful of sighting on the virgin islands) where consider a separate species originally (Ridgway 1911, Wetmore 1916, Cory 1918) until lump later.

The proposal for this split used accounts from Birdlife international which splits them and photographic comparations from both museum specimens and live specimens using photos from the Macaulay library. If you want to see the proposal check this link and go to page 21.

The Antillean Mango (now Puerto Rican Mango) large hummingbird of forest openings, scrubland, coffee plantations, and gardens. Note that the male is largely green above and black below, with the green of the throat not bleeding into the black chest. Within its range, only Green Mango and Green-throated Carib share this species’ size, shape, and overall color. The green throat of the Carib, however, extends onto the chest, while the Green Mango is entirely green below. Female Antillean Mango is green above and dull white below.

Love this bird because is the only hummingbird species that comes to my backyard, and I see it every single day. Sometimes just chilling in my hammock reading a good book and he come next to me on the feeders. Now I have to update my website and itineraries emphasizing that now we have 18 species.



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