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Birding Tours

Here you find a selection of our organize bird watching tours itineraries. See which one suits you and contact us for pricing. Coming with a group of friends or alone? No problem. Remember this itineraries can also be alter and customize to your needs, add or removes days and add other activities you may want to do wile on Puerto Rico. If you have only a day or half a day even for birding, no worries contact us. If you have little time for a full birding tour we also plan day tours. Contact us for pricing.

This itineraries can  be customize to your needs, you can even add other activities to your itineraries. Checkout this link to see activities you can add

Endemic birding Trail

DSC_0924 edited.jpg

Puerto Rico has 17 endemic bird species, unique to this island. This birding tour packages is designed to look for all these specialties. Within this short trip will cover the northern and southwestern part of the island to look for 17 endemics. Check out the full itinerary in PDF format or contact us for more details. Remember all itineraries can also be customize to your needs to add any other activity of your interest.

Caribbean and Endemic Trail


Beside the 17 endemic bird species unique to this island, Puerto Rico has bunch of other Caribbean Specialties. This birding tour packages has an extra day in which we are going to be able to look for this Caribbean Gems. With the extra day this package offers we will have extra time to look for some of these other specialties like: Key-west Quail-Dove, Antillean Euphonia, West Indian Whistling Duck, Plain Pigeon, Antillean Crested Hummingbird, and Green-throated Carib. Check out the full itinerary in PDF format or contact us for more details.

Endemic, Caribbean and Bridled Quail Dove Quest


This tour package like the previous Caribbean and Endemic trail itinerary is designed to look for all Caribbean and Endemic species but adding an extra visit to the Vieques Island for the allusive Bridle Quail-dove. The Bridled Quail-Dove is not present on the main island of Puerto Rico, is restricted to this small, beautiful island: Vieques. Vieques is a small island Municipality located to the east of the main island of Puerto Rico. We can get here by ferry. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and beaches that this beautiful island has to offer. View itinerary for details.

Endemic and North American Migrants 

DSC_2338 edited.jpg

Puerto Rico host many north American migrant be songbirds and shorebirds alike. But the many different habitats and elevations on this small island make it a good stop for these north American migrant birds to either stop over or winter here. If you are from outside North America, or simply love migratory songbirds this tour itinerary is for you. In this weeklong itinerary we look for both al 17 Puerto Rico endemics and migratory birds.  We will deviate from the regular routes on the tours to some of the best locations in the island to look for migrants, from the west coast to the high elevation and beautiful sceneries of central Puerto Rico to the middle of old San Juan. Best month to take this tour is October and November but this tour can run to mid-April. Checkout the itinerary for details.

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